Wednesday, June 25

"The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook" - Joshua Piven

"The worst of the worst, all in one place! This deluxe desk reference includes a hardbound volume of the most popular scenarios from all 11 Worst-Case Scenario handbooks, plus the entire contents of all the books on a fully searchable CD. Avoid the perils of mountain lions and blind dates, avalanches and teenage driving lessons, runaway golf carts and Christmas turkeys on fire a remedy for every crisis the worst-case experts have anticipated is now only a click away. The CD also contains newly created extra features: screensavers, e-cards, wallpaper, and more. Boasting more than 500 pages, this sturdy addition to the Worst-Case Scenario library could stop a bullet - just one more way to be prepared for the worst."
This is a fabulous read that appeals to my love of things that are quirky and told with dry humour. The humour isn't necessarily due to the contents of the book as such, but more in how escaping the most bizarre situations are written about in clear, plainly told, logical text (sometimes with diagrams to help). My favourite was the page entitled "How to Repurpose a Fruitcake", with helpful suggestions ranging from "Use it as art by bolting to a pedestal and placing in a prominent place" to "Use as a door-stopper" and many in between. You will also learn such things as to how to escape from a swarm of killer bees, how to survive on a desert island, and how to escape dating disasters. All of the information is practical and helpful, so all jokes aside, this is a nifty reference book for the paranoid and their friends.
I love it. It cost a bit, since it's a very sturdy volume and came with a CD, but it's well worth the money. 5 STARS

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