Sunday, July 27

Sorted Books Project


"The Sorted Books project began in 1993 years ago and is ongoing. The project has taken place in many different places over the years, ranging form private homes to specialized public book collections. The process is the same in every case: culling through a collection of books, pulling particular titles, and eventually grouping the books into clusters so that the titles can be read in sequence, from top to bottom. The final results are shown either as photographs of the book clusters or as the actual stacks themselves, shown on the shelves of the library they were drawn from. Taken as a whole, the clusters from each sorting aim to examine that particular library's focus, idiosyncrasies, and inconsistencies — a cross-section of that library's holdings."


Admittedly, this has been reviewed quite a bit on other websites - the creative and quirky arranging of books to form a story or message when one reads the book's titles from top to bottom. (My personal favourite is shown above). Nina Katchadourian is the person responsible for starting this ingenuis project, and the combinations are always very clever - you sort of wonder how she comes up with them! The range of photographs of these 'sorted books' is really something you have to see for yourself - click the link at the start of this post.

I discovered I could make my own pile of 'sorted books' by raiding my mum's library and adding one book of my own to the stack, with the following result:

Many combinations made me chuckle. Some were just very smartly done. Others, I could hardly read. 4 STARS for the site, but 5 STARS for the idea...guess I should give this one 4.5 STARS.

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