Monday, August 11

CSSA General Mathematics Trial HSC Paper

General Instructions:
-Reading Time: 5 minutes
-Working time - 2 1/2 hours
-Write using blue or black pen
-Calculators may be used
-Use Multiple Choice Answer Sheet provided
-A separate formula sheet is provided
-Write your Centre Number and Student Number at the top of this page.

I hate maths. Also, after doing this exam today, and finding it to be the first exam paper that I have failed to completely finish within the allotted time, I am convinced that there is clearly not enough time to finish everything in two-and-a-half hours. Three hours are needed. We get three hours for the science papers, and for my senior science exam, I only needed about two-and-a-half. Why can't we have the same amount of time for maths? It's just as time-consuming to nut out how much tax Marie has to pay on her taxable income as it is to write about the impact mobile phones have had on society. There were way too many questions and not enough time, and I swear there were more financial mathematics questions than there were other questions, which take the longest to do. Unbalanced.

I hate maths. 0 STARS

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