Tuesday, September 2


I was talking to my best friend Jen the other day in English, trying to figure out a time she could come over to watch the latest couple of Doctor Who episodes she'd missed (I'd recorded them.) However we weren't able to decide on a suitable time - because something got in the way.
"Stupid school!" she complained, emphatically slapping the desk. "It gets in the way of all our favourite TV shows!"
It also gets in the way of other hobbies, too.
In the past three weeks, I have only read 118 pages of a 583-page novel (that sounds like a lot written down, but it's a standard-sized novel...I should be able to finish that in a few days!) I highly doubt any more reviews will be forthcoming for quite some time.
So, with my first exam only 45 days away, I have to back off on the recreational reading and attempt to throw my unwilling self into study instead. I should be able to return to reading stuff and writing reviews when the damn HSC is over...and the partying begins.