Tuesday, July 1

Emotional Inanimate Objects - i can has cheezburger

I can has cheezburger.com is an Internet phenomenon. Many people have already heard of 'lolcat' pictures: find a funny picture (usually of a cat but can be anything really) and add a caption spelled in 'lolspeak' (a kind of pidgin English that mocks the poor spelling and grammar of many on the Internet).

I love lolcats. I love cats and I like laughing, so the two go well together, and sometimes people think of the wittiest captions for pictures, turning them from "Hey, that's cute," into "Hey, that's funny!"
However, while browsing the site renowned for the creation and distribution of lolcat pictures, I discovered that the three pictures that made me laugh the most weren't of cats at all. They were inanimate objects with feelings.

Humorous Pictures
more cat pictures

funny pictures
more cat pictures

Humorous Pictures
more cat pictures

They cracked me up.

Hilarious site if you're able to appreciate the humour of lolcats. 5 STARS.

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